Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Night With Zeke

Last night, since Michael was working, I let Zeke sleep with me.  We also slept with Scat the Cat, Bridgett the giraffe, momma and baby raccoon, a puppy and an alligator.  We had a very emotional discussion about animals we've had that have died.  Zeke was in tears as he asked why certain ones died and if they were in heaven and how he would find them when he got to heaven.  They never came when he called while they were on earth so he assumed they wouldn't come when he called them in heaven either.  I assured him that they would.  Then he went on to talk about when I died.  He didn't want me to die.  He wanted us to die at the same time so he wouldn't  have to be here all by himself.  I told him I would wait for him.  That settled him right down and after a hug, a kiss and a giggle about sleeping in daddy's spot, he was sound asleep.  He is such a sweet little boy, but he is very tender.  He gets very upset during sad parts in movies.  He gets very sad about people and animals dying.  He has always been very aware of that and has talked a lot about heaven and seeing Jesus again.  At the same time he is a huge goof ball!  He is always doing something silly and making some one laugh.  He is my best buddy.  Since we have kissed, that means we are married and that thrills him to death!  We are going to spend our lives together.  He will never leave me because I am his best buddy and he would miss me too much!  If that just doesn't melt a mother's heart :)  I know it's not true but I love it right now!  This morning when we woke up I noticed he was clear over on the far edge of the bed.  When I asked him why he was over there he told me that he had gotten sweaty next to me and so the bed had gotten wet.  I pulled back the covers - it was not wet from sweat!  We put a towel on the wet spot and he went and changed.  He got a little nervous about wetting Michael's spot.  He asked me if daddy would know it was him who wet the bed or if daddy would think it was me!  I told him daddy would know it wasn't me.  "Oh, because the towel is there he will know it was me?"  "Kind of," I told him.  He got all dressed and then insisted that I take a picture of  him to send to everyone.  I did.  Isn't he handsome?  He holds a very special place in my heart and I am so thankful to be able to spend my days with him.  He'll always be my little Zekie (I'm the only one who can call him that :)  He gets mad if any of the kids do.)  Love, love, love him!

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