Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Need a Nap

My house is a mess, Olivia's knees are all scraped up, Michael is asleep, laundry needs done, my house is a mess, groceries need put away, pie dough needs made, my house is a mess, every toy in the toy room is dumped out on the floor, I have a dozen young women coming over to my house this evening and MY HOUSE IS A MESS!!  Slightly overwhelmed today.  I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night.  I got more than Michael, but he gets to sleep today - I don't.  He got home around midnight I think.  Olivia woke up crying shorftly after that. She has been having growing pains in her legs at night.  She and Michael ended up on the couch last night and slept there.  She slept more than Michael.  I tossed and turned in bed, going in and out of sleep until the alarm went off.  Michael got up long enough to see the kids off to school and then he went back to bed.  I cleaned one bathroom, folded three loads of laundry and started more.  I also made the apricot filling for the fried pies tonight.  Then I went to the store to get the last few things I needed for tonight.  When we got home, Zeke and Olivia helped me carry the groceries in.  As Olivia was going to the door with her arms full of gatorade, Jack kind of circled her with his leash and she fell on the cement.  She had a dress on so her knees got all skinned up and she started screaming.  I yelled at the dog, picked up the gatorade and helped Olivia in the house.  Zeke and I finished the groceries and I cleaned up Olivia.  I had bought a big pail of ice cream for tonight to go with the fried pies.  It was the only vanilla pail left in the store.  I put it in the freezer but I guess not good enough.  When Zeke and Olivia went to put the milk in the fridge, the freezer came open and the ice cream fell out.  The pail broke and ice cream splattered all over the floor.  I cleaned up the mess, put the ice cream in a bowl, covered it with plastic wrap and put it back in the freezer.  Won't that look nice when I serve the girls this evening?  All this happened before 10:30 this morning.  I'm not too sure I want to stay up to see what the rest of the day brings.  I am still worn out from my emotional draining over the weekend.  Yesterday was nonstop.  I got the kids off to school, got Michael to bed, went to the library then to Rock Springs.  I got home at 3:15, brought in all the bags, the kids came home from school, Michael went to work, I loaded the kids up, dropped Maddi off at the track, dropped Makenna off at a friends, took Olivia to dance, took the other kids to the park, came home, cleaned up dog poop, ate supper, took the kids to school for a meeting, walked home, loaded them up, went to my parents to drop some things off and pick up Maddi, came home, got the kids ready for bed and started soaking the apricots.  Today, I am tired.  I never got to exercise yesterday and I'm not sure how I am going to fit it in today either.  That gets me frustrated.  I need that time but so often, that time gets pushed aside when there are other things to do.  Today I still have to finish the laundry, make pie dough, clean the kitchen, vacuum the house, clean the other bathroom, and get everything ready for tonight.  Plus I would like to get the yard cleaned up before it snows again.  On top of all that, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and the kids are expecting the leprechauns to come and do a treasure hunt like they do every year.  I have the treasures ready, but I don't have the hunt ready.  I wonder if they will be upset if the leprechauns just come in the night and leave the treasure on the table?  I know they will because the hunt is their favorite part.  I guess I know what I will be doing after I put the kids to bed tonight!  Sorry, this is probably kind of a downer post, but that is what I am feeling today.  This is my life right now - crazy!  I hope I can keep up with it!

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