Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Added Blessings

Last week I was asked to help with the Relief Society (our women's Sunday school class).  I am supposed to help find people to provide a nursery for our monthly, non-Sunday meetings so that everyone who wants to can come to the meetings and not have to worry about what to do with their kids.  Not the most fun thing for me but that's okay.  After church the Bishop called us all in to his office.  He told us that he had some more "blessings" for our family, if that's how we wanted to look at it.  Zane immediately leans his head back against the chair and groans, rather loudly, "Oh no"!  That brought some laughter to the room!  Anyways, the Bishop then asked me and Michael if we would be willing to teach the adult Sunday School class.  I would teach while he is gone working and he could teach on his off weeks.  Yikes!  I've done this before but as always, I am nervous.  For one, Michael is gone much more than he is here on Sundays so basically I will be the main teacher with him stepping in every few weeks or so.  No big deal.  For another, this is a brand new group of people for us.  I know no one!  I don't know the personalities, the names or the backgrounds of anyone.  It will be a challenge, especially in the beginning.  Another, I am a totally different teacher than the last one.  He did a great job and his style of teaching is completely different than mine.  I hope the class responds positively to the change.  Last, we are studying the New Testament this year.  That overwhelms me too.  I have never taught that.  It will be a challenge for me to learn things well enough that I can then turn around and teach them.  I am grateful for the job and I know that we do receive blessings for serving, but right now I echo Zane's words - "Oh no"!

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

Ha! Good luck! You'll be great!