Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Truman or Washington?

That has been the question around our house for the last week or so.  When we moved here almost two months ago the kids started school at Truman Elementary.  It seems to be a good school and the kids have all made friends and are enjoying it.  Two weeks ago we moved across town.  Now we live in the Washington school district.  I had originally planned on keeping them in Truman at least until the end of the year.  Once we got here though, my thoughts and plans started changing.  I talked to Michael about it and my parents (they are more familiar with all the schools and personnel) and I talked to the kids about it.  Some wanted to switch, some didn't.  Truman is over three miles away (I know, big deal).  Washington is across the back yard.  Life would be so much easier if they could just walk through the back yard and get to school instead of having to load everyone up and take them across town.  Plus, when some one is sick, do you leave them at home alone or make them get up and go in the car.  Not a fun choice either way.  After much thought and consideration, we decided to switch schools.  I hate to put the kids through that transition again so quickly, but I feel it will be better in the long run.  They will meet kids in the neighborhood, they will be able to walk or ride bikes to school (a dream they all have) and I won't have to worry about hauling everyone everyday.  With Michael gone so much now, I have the bulk of the responsibility at home so I have to simplify life so it works for all of us.  Anyways, They will finish out the week at Truman and then on Monday they will go to Washington.  I hope and pray that they find friends quickly and that the transition goes smoothly for them!

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Melissa said...

We did almost the same thing when we moved here! Got the kids enrolled in school while we were still at the Post lodging, then we got housing in another area, the kids only went there a week! But kids are pretty tough and I'm sure it's the best choice for you guys to stick to the school in the backyard :D