Friday, February 11, 2011

Single Mom

I am three days in (two and a half actually) to my nine days as a single mom.  It's really not as bad as I thought it would be.  Michael's new job has taken some getting used to.  I can only talk to him on his lunch break and that's only if he calls me since I don't know when he will be taking his lunch break.  I do miss my random conversations with him.  Luckily I have a dog now and I can have random conversations with him.  Then I can interpret his noises as the answers I was looking for and do whatever it is that I want where as I don't have as much freedom to interpret Michael's answers.  There are times, however, that it is frustrating.  Like when the kids have activities to go to.  I don't get to just load up the one kid with the activity and drop him/her off.  I have to load up all the kids and take them all.  It's okay usually, but sometimes they don't want to go and I don't want to take them!  There's also the many hours by myself.  I get a little bit of time (30 minutes) at night while Michael is eating and getting ready for bed that I can follow him around and tell him all the things I have saved up for that day.  There is also an hour or so in the mornings that he is home but I am busy helping Dillon with piano, getting breakfast ready and trying to make sure everyone is ready to go to school.  That cuts in to any conversation time I might would have with Michael.  I miss it.  I love his days off.  Even if I have nothing to say to him I like having him there just in case I do have something I want to say.  I miss him most in the evenings.  When I am trying to get things settled down for the day or when I wish I could jump in the car and run to the store or to get my hair cut and not have to bring every one with me.  Eventually he will be going to a two week on one week off schedule and that will be even more adjusting.  Some of those two weeks he won't come home at all.  I am looking forward to nicer weather so that when that happens I can go on adventures with the kids.  Zeke is already planning a 10 day trip to California.  Why?  Because he's never been there and he wants to go.  I told him maybe...probably not for ten days but maybe for a few.  That satisfied his needs and he is getting excited for it.  Between dance, piano, cleaning apartments, moving, errands, birthday parties, church activities and everything else I get run a little ragged at times.  I am not trying to complain or throw a pity party.  I am very grateful for his job and the opportunities it will give us.  It is a blessing that we never imagined we would have.  It makes me all the more grateful when Michael is around.  The help that he gives me on his days off are great.  The conversations are wonderful.  His company is the best.

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