Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Grandpa, Maddi (3) and Makenna (2)

Grandpa walking Maddi and Makenna to the swimming pool

 Grandpa and Dillon in 2006

Today is my Grandpa Cantrell's birthday.  He would have been 92.  He died almost two years ago.  I know I have blogged about him in the past.  He was very special to me.  I loved his visits when he and Granny would come to see us.  My favorite thing to do was to just sit next to him.  He didn't have to talk to me or pay attention to me.  I just liked to sit with him.  I loved to listen to him talk, even when I had no interest in what he was talking about.  He would always pat my arm or leg and tease about some thing or other.  I loved it.  Just being with him brought such joy.  I loved his wing-tipped shoes.  He wore those for as long as I could remember.  I even got myself a pair when I was older just because they were like his.  As he got older he switched to velcro tennis shoes except when he was dressing up for church or something.  He always had a baseball cap.  He always had peanut M&M's too.  His last few years he changed to just plain peanuts because he was trying to be healthier.  He always had a smile for us but he also made sure that we were respectful and obedient.  He didn't put up with naughtiness :)  We always had tricks of some sort to show Granny and Grandpa - jumping off the diving board, doing Dukes of Hazzard jumps through the car window or riding our bikes like wild men.  They were always very impressed!  Anyways, today my thoughts have been on him and I look forward to some day seeing him again.  I love you, Grandpa!

Our last trip to Nashville

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