Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This weekend was the longest weekend I can remember.  Michael was really sick all weekend and we were trying to move.  Olivia also got really sick and just barely missed a trip to the ER with croup.  It was kind of scary.  She slept out on the couch with Michael Friday night, both of them sick as dogs.  Around 2:30 she settled down.  Saturday morning we started moving.  Thank goodness my brother stayed in town to help.  I felt bad that he missed a weekend with his family but we were so thankful to have his help.  We also had two others from church show up.  The weather started out okay but them it started snowing and blowing.  Since it got so nasty we just had them help with the things that we couldn't get on our own and then let them go home.  That afternoon it cleared up some so Michael and I went back and got another load.  I dropped the kids off at my parents house and Spencer came back and helped us unload.  By that time we were wiped out.  Michael was so sick he could hardly stand up straight.  We put beds together and then Michael stayed home to rest while I went to my parents to eat supper with the kids.  They stayed and watched a movie so I came back home and unpacked.  Michael went to bed.  On top of Michael and Olivia being so sick we also had Zeke and Maddi sick.  Makenna had been sick on Thursday.  The rest were okay.  Sunday I went with the kids (except Olivia) to church.  It was a nice day.  There were a lot of nice people there.  Monday it was back to school.  Michael was feeling somewhat better.  We went back to our old house and got some more things.  Then we spent a lot of the day unpacking.  After school we went to Rock Springs to get a few things and take the kids out to dinner.  They had gotten free kids meals from Wingers and had been waiting for Michael to be home to go with them.  Tuesday we finished at the other house and worked some more at our new house.  Tuesday afternoon Michael stayed home with Zeke and Olivia and waited for the Direct TV guy to show up and hook up our TV.  I went to Rock Springs and got our new dog.  He is a 3 year old beagle named Jack.  The kids live him.  I do too.  He rarely barks.  and does really well with the kids.  They even had him ride in the car with us today to take them to school.  Today Michael is back to work for nine days.  Everyone is on the mend.  I am still trying to get everything put away and get it looking more like a house than a garbage dump.  Things are coming along but it will still be a little while.  This morning I spent forever outside trying to get a dog house up to the front of the house.  There was one down in the back yard (when I say down, I mean it.  The yard slopes so that the back of the house is a walk out basement.)  Anyways, this house was solid wood and so heavy I couldn't lift it - at all!  I was determined to get it up the driveway though.  I pushed it over the snow, ice, dirt and rocks and finally got it up on our driveway.  Occasionally it would get stuck on something.  I would have to go to the front, put my arms in the door, squat down so my elbows were resting on my knees and lift up onto my toes to get the house up high enough to get over the rock or whatever was in the way.  I'm sure the neighbors had quite the show if they were watching.  If they were watching I could have used the help!  Anyways, I got it so now Jack has a house up front so we can put him outside when it's not too cold.  Michael will have a fit when he sees what I did.  I was quite proud of myself and ate a few Cadbury mini eggs in celebration of my big accomplishment!  So that was my weekend. I am now single mom for nine days but I look forward to the five days off!  It will be a long weekend for the kids too so we will be able to spend some time together.  Things are finally going to settle down and we will feel like we are here to stay.  It is nice to have that in the future!  I signed four of the kids up for baseball last night.  That will start in April.  Another thing for them to look forward to.  So, all is well with the Christiansens and now we can relax and begin to enjoy our new home.

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