Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Cold Day in...

Haha!  It's freezing today!  There was so much I needed to do after having two sick (not really, more fake sick) boys home yesterday but I couldn't bring myself to go anywhere!  The wind chills are down in the negative 30's and the real temp hasn't reached 0 yet.  We spent the day inside.  I packed a few things and ate a lot of chocolate.  It made me happy until I had to enter it all in on my food log.  Now I have to eat lettuce the rest of the day!  Michael was glad that his work was in the shop today.  Tomorrow's temps will be similar and then it will start to warm up (meaning it will get above zero instead of staying below).  Hopefully it will warm up enough to get things moved this weekend.  If we ever have to move in the winter again I am going to go on strike!  In Hawaii!

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