Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Hanging in There

It's been a week or so since I posted.  We are still here.  We are still in boxes.  I am a mess, but hopefully things will change soon.  We have found a place to rent.  It's nice.  It will fit all of us.  It has somewhat of a yard.  It's expensive.  And, it's on the other side of town.  We tried our best to find something on this side of town but had no luck.  So we are going three miles away to the other side of town.  New church.  Possibly new school, but we hope not.  And not in walking distance to anywhere but church and new school.  It will do though.  It's only for a year or so then we will be able to buy something in an area that we want to be in.  Other than the boxes making my life a complete mess we are doing good.  The kids are doing great!  They really seem to like school.  Maddi and Makenna both excel in school and are being tested for the GATE program (gifted and talented).  Hopefully they will be accepted so they can be a little more challenged in their school work - especially Makenna.  We have piano lessons, dance lessons, grocery shopping, visits to museums and grandparents, playtime and a McDonald's with an indoor playland in Green River and Rock Springs.  Life continues to move on.  We adjust and adapt as necessary.  I will settle down in a few weeks when we can get moved and finally unpack our belongings! Michael is liking his job.  He just got done with a long weekend and now he is back to work for nine days.  We will miss having him around but we know at the end we get him for 5 days straight!  (Poor Michael :) !)  I have pictures and other things I want to blog about but I have to find my cord so I can download to the computer.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  Until then, this is where we are at in life....

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