Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well, it looks like things have finally come together.  I got the keys to our rental yesterday.  Michael has next weekend off so we are planning on moving then.  This week will be a busy one for me.  Michael works until Thursday night.  Maddi has piano Monday night, Olivia has dance Tuesday and Dillon has piano that day too.  Makenna has piano Wednesday and both older girls have dance Thursday.  The landlord has also hired me to clean some of her apartments.  I am supposed to start on one tomorrow.  I also have to pack up our belongings and get everything ready to go this weekend.  I'll have to get all the utilities, phone and internet switched, get a moving truck to load with and once again do a forwarding address to all the necessary people and places.  I have been sick last week with a cold and now the kids are starting to get sick too.  Hopefully our health will hold out for another week.  Then we can all settle into our new surroundings and be sick together!  I am excited to finally be able to get somewhere and unpack.  We have had boxes piled around starting back at Thanksgiving!  I hope that soon I will be able to look around my house and have some other kind of decorations than brown cardboard boxes!

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