Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Move

Well, we made it to Green River.  We left Tuesday morning (the 28th) and headed west.  About two hours into the trip my brother called me and told us we needed to drive straight through instead of breaking it up into two days.  There was a storm headed to Green River and if we didn't keep going we would end up in the middle of it.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear but we did it.  We got in about 3am.  I was tired.  We had been driving for 18 hours.  We got a few hours sleep and then headed over to our house to start unloading the truck.  .  We did some that morning and then waited until the evening to finish when we had more help.  My brother, Sam, was there with his family.  The kids had fun playing with their cousins.  Aunt Janiel helped watch the kids and Sam helped unload the truck.  We got it all done before the snow got too bad.  The kids spent the entire weekend playing with their cousins.  They had lunch one day and McDonalds (with an indoor playland), went sledding one day, played basketball at the gym one day, and had a few sleepovers and grandma and grandpa's.  Sunday we went to church.  Monday was the first day of school.  The Backpack Fairy, once again, stopped by our house and left the kids something to make their first day a little more special.  Michael had left for work early that morning so I took the kids to school and registered them and then got to meet all their teachers.  Dillon's teacher is a Vikings fan so he was happy right away.  Zane's teacher seemed very nice and had a spot for him picked out.  Makenna's teacher greeted her with a big hug and that made Kenna's day and Maddi got the only male teacher in the school so she was happy too.  They all seem to be liking school and adjusting okay.  Having Grandma and Grandpa around certainly help.  My mom has started teaching piano lessons to the ones who want to take.  Maddi goes Monday night, Dillon goes Tuesday night and Makenna goes Wednesday night.  Dad has taken the girls to some girls basketball games and they have fun with that.  We have gone swimming at the rec center which is only a few blocks from our house.  Makenna has already gone over to play at a friend's house and Zane was invited to his first birthday party.  The house we moved into we were intending to buy.  However, the bank that owns it decided not to cooperate so it went into foreclosure this week.  We are now looking for a different place to live.  it has been a little stressful just because we are having to still live out of boxes since we will be moving again shortly.  It's hard to feel settled when you can't unpack!  Rentals are hard to find around here, especially for a family our size.  We did find one that we will be able to move into in a few weeks.  It is more than we wanted to pay, but it keeps us in Green River so the kids don't have to switch schools again and it has a yard for the kids to play in.  We will be on the other side of town from where we are now, so there will be no walking to school, parks, stores or grandparents but we are only a few miles away  and when we are able to buy a home we can come back over to this side of town.  So, that is the update on the move and where we are in our lives right now.  Michael's training should finish up this week and he will be able to start his real work and schedule next week.  He is excited for that.  All is well and while we miss our friends in South Dakota and Minnesota, we are very glad to be here near family.

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