Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well, I got word today that Makenna made it into the GATE program.  She will start next week.  Maddi has one more test to take but the teacher is sure she will make it as well.  The girls are both excited for it.  If Maddi does make it (which I hope for her ego's sake she does) she will get to go on a 4 day retreat to Jackson Hole to the Teton Science School (or something like that).  There will be a lot of hands on learning and it is a great opportunity for her.  Makenna will get to go next year.  We missed the fundraiser for it but hopefully the school will help us out on it so we don't have to come up with all the money for it.  Anyways, that's the excitement in our house right now!


Melissa said...

What's GATE? It sounds very cool though, good luck! It sounds like your family is fitting right in over there :D

Emma said...

GATE is the Gifted and Talented program here. It gives more opportunities for learning and experiences for those who are above grade level.