Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Can I Say to Get You Here?

When this job search journey began months ago we wanted so badly to find something in Dillon, MT.  We applied for every job that came open there.  The job he wanted the most was with a cattle company called Sitz angus.  We waited and no word came.  Our search took us other places and we ended up with a job in Green River.  Michael reports to work on the 30th of this month.  There really is no turning back.  Yesterday Michael got a phone call and was offered a job in Dillon with Sitz Angus.  I could see the reaction on his face when he heard what was being said.  I could feel the pain in his heart as he listened.  Of all things!  This was the place he wanted to go from the very beginning and now here at the end they were asking what could they do to get him here.  Unfortunately, at this time, nothing.  We both know that we are supposed to be going to Green River right now.  We both know this is the job that he needs to have.  Maybe some day in the future our life's path will take us to Dillon but not now.  It really wasn't a hard decision for him to make.  He knew before he ever got off the phone that it wasn't something he was going to do but the thought of it still threw us for a little loop.  Today we are back on track and packing for Green River.  I have two rooms completely emptied out and will do a third room today.  The garage is filling with boxes and furniture.  the house is slowly being emptied.  Things are coming together and we are reassured that we are doing the right thing for our family.

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