Friday, December 17, 2010

News From Green River

We heard from our real estate agent today.  We will be able to move right into the house we are trying to buy.  That will be so much easier!  No basement living!  We are very grateful our parents were willing to let us take over their home and lives but we are glad we will not have to do that.  The only hitch is that the house will be going into foreclosure sometime in January.  If we don't get everything closed in time then we will not be able to get the house.  Since it is a short sale it could take longer than a normal sale.  If it goes into foreclosure we will have 120 days to find another house.  Still I would rather spend that 120 days in a house and not a basement!  We should know soon if everything will go through in time - soon meaning a few weeks.  So for now we are planning on moving right in.  10 days before we start loading the truck.  Time is going quickly!!

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