Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Little Girl's Faith

This week we had a very sweet experience in our home.  It is no secret that we are moving in just over a week.  We will go from country living to living in town.  There will be a lot of expenses that we just don't have the money for.  As a result we are having to sell our horses.  Sadler, our little pony, was sold yesterday.  We had a few tears from Zeke and Olivia.  Okie, however, is a different story.  Makenna LOVES Okie.  She showed her in 4-H a few years ago.  Santa brought her a halter and lead rope for Christmas that year that was just Okie's size. When we first started talking about selling Okie, Makenna cried.  It wasn't little tears, it was a big, hard cry.  I felt so bad so we kind of stopped talking about it for a while.  Then it came time to really get going and we HAD to sell her.  We weren't having much luck though.  So last week, on Wednesday night, before family prayers we talked once again about selling Okie.  We were going to add it to our prayers and we asked the children to do the same.  I believe the power of a child's prayer is great and I knew that we would need that extra help!  It was a hard thing to talk about, but we did.  Makenna cried.  I knew she would.  She cried through the family prayer as we made that plea to Heavenly Father.  She was still crying afterwards.  We talked to her about sacrifice and how sometimes Heavenly Father requires us to sacrifice things, hard things.  Then we told her that if we were faithful and tried to obey, He would bless us with even greater blessings than what we were giving up.  She understood, wiped her tears and went down to say her prayers and go to bed.  That sweet little 9 year old girl, got on her knees and prayed, just like we had asked. She prayed for Okie to find a good home, she trusted us and Heavenly Father, she showed faith.  Faith that I don't know if I would have had at 9 years old.  Well, I want to testify that Heavenly Father hears our pleas, no matter how loud or soft they are.  He hears them,  He knows each of us personally.  He loves each of us tremendously.  He heard Makenna.  Not only her spoken prayer, but he heard the beating of her heart and felt the sadness and strength of her soul.  A few days later (yesterday) Michael's dad bought Okie.  It gives us what we need right now and it gives us the opportunity to buy her back when we get there and get things squared around.  It was so wonderful to see that smile come across Makenna's face when she heard the news.  We once again talked about the love that Heavenly Father has for HER, individually.  We taught her that sometimes Heavenly Father gives us these tests to see if we are willing to be obedient to Him.  She was and her blessing was the opportunity to keep her beloved horse.  I hope that as I go through my tests in life that I will have the faith, trust and strength that Makenna had when she prayed for Okie.