Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday!!

What a week!  Zeke and I were sick and then Olivia went to the hospital.  Then Olivia and I were sick and then Maddi got asthma.  Now we are all better in time for the weekend.  Maddi is still bothered with her asthma but seems to be improving.  Hopefully she will be able to play basketball tomorrow.  She has two games tomorrow morning.  In the meantime I have been packing when I could and resting when I couldn't.  We have eaten a lot of toast this week and drank a lot of 7Up.  I hope it doesn't spread to the rest of the kids.  I know they don't want to miss any school since their days are numbered here.  Three weeks from today we will be in Green River.  Olivia is hoping the house will get painted pink before we move in.  Wouldn't that be lovely?  She is also excited at the thought of finally getting another puppy.  That may not happen until the spring...  Things with the house are moving right along.  Everything is in to the bank.  They now get the chance to go over everything and accept or reject it all.  If all goes as planned we will be able to move in a lot earlier than we thought.  They think maybe the first of January instead of the middle of February.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Anyways, glad it's Friday, glad we are all better for at least a little while and glad we get to sleep in (a little) tomorrow!  Yay for the weekend!

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