Monday, December 6, 2010

First Basketball Game

Saturday morning I loaded up all the kids (except Makenna who was at a sleepover) and we headed to Brandon to watch Maddi play her first two basketball games.  Despite being early we had a fun time watching her team play.  They did a great job.  They lost the first game and won the second one.  The kids and I sat at the top of the bleachers and made quite the cheering section.  Dillon especially got into the game and did some major cheering.  The coach did an excellent job of making sure all the girls got to play.  I was really glad to see that.  The girls all seemed to have fun and all went home pretty tired.  Tonight they will have practice and prepare for this Saturday's two games.  I'm so glad she gets this opportunity.  She loves basketball!  Here are a few pictures.  They are not good quality, but you can still see what's going on.

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