Monday, December 27, 2010


Our Christmas was very different this year.  We were surrounded by boxes and bags with a little Christmas tree in the middle of it all and presents underneath.  Christmas morning we opened presents, ate breakfast and then I started packing agin.  The tree was down and decorations packed before 11am.  The kids played with their toys while Michael and I worked on getting things done.  We took occasional breaks to watch the kids, but most of it we were busy.  That night instead of a nice Christmas dinner at home we had dinner at the Denny's that's connected to the Flying J.  It was okay.  The kids enjoyed it.  I got to eat a salad (which was delicious).  I had been craving real food since we haven't had any for a few days!  It is certainly one we will remember.  We did the usual talking to the family on the phone and that was nice.  The kids were pleased with the loot they got and are wound up and bouncing off the bare walls!  We have been very blessed this year and are very grateful for all that we have been given and are excited for the opportunities and adventures that await us in Wyoming.  We hope you all had a merry Christmas!

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