Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Phone Call and Crazy Weather

We dropped Michael off at the airport this evening a little after 5 then we headed to school so Maddi could have basketball practice.  About 6:30 Michael called.  He was getting ready to board the plane.  He told me that the lady from Halliburton that had interviewed him for the first job had just called and offered it to him.  He laughed and said he was on his way to Rock Springs to interview for another job.  She said that her office was right next to the person he was meeting with tomorrow so she wants him to stop into her office and talk to her too.  Kind of exciting, but there is still things to be discussed before a decision can be made.  When I got home I called my parents and they informed me that the weather between Salt Lake and Green River was not good.  Part of the interstate was closed and you had to have 4 wheel drive or chains to get up over the mountain pass out of Park City.  We had been watching the weather all day and supposedly it was suppose to get better.  I guess it had to get worse first!  We are hoping that it will be cleared off before morning so he can get to his interviews.  That would be sad to get so far and go through all that just to have to turn around and go home without an interview.  Originally he was going to drive straight to Green River and stay at my parents house.  Now he is going to get a hotel in Salt Lake and wait until morning to drive.  Anyways, I guess if he doesn't get to the one, he at least has a job with the other if he wants it!  We'll see how it all goes...

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