Monday, November 1, 2010

My Morning

This morning I have spent almost the entire time on the phone.  I called the doctor for Maddi and Dillon.  I called Sam's mom about babysitting this afternoon.  I called a friend about toys for her daycare.  I called two different schools on Alliance and a realtor.  The realtor was very nice.  Her husband is a retired conductor.  It was nice to hear her talk about the job.  Finding a place to rent may be difficult.  We may end up having to buy a home.  We'll see.  The secretary at the elementary school was very nice too.  She answered some questions about the school and the town.  She said Alliance is a very nice place.  She said she raised her children there and if given the choice she would do it again.  She said it is a great place to raise children.  She said most families there belong to the railroad so we would be with people who understand our situation and life circumstances.  I will call the bishop of the church later and talk to him.  We thought we may as well get things going.  So far nothing else has come up.  We are down to two months before we have to move.  That's not a lot of time to find a place to live and do everything else we need to do.  Time will go quickly, that's for sure.  It will be hard to pack up and move again to another unknown but I do feel better about things after talking to people this morning.  The schools sound similar to what the kids are doing now.  The girls could still be in their advanced reading groups.  They would still have PE, music and art.  The classes would be similar sizes.  The schools are K-2nd grade in one school and 2nd - 4th in the other school.  Middle school is 5th-8th.  There are a lot of preschool options for Zeke and Olivia so that will be good too.  Anyways, despite spending the morning on the phone I feel I have accomplished quite a bit and gotten one little step closer to where we are headed.

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