Monday, November 22, 2010

I Have a Bunch of Miles

As I stated in the last blog, Michael has been asked to go to Rock Springs for a second interview.  We were planning on doing it Wednesday.  We had thought (mostly I had, but I convinced Michael to think the same) that since the kids didn't have school Wednesday and since Rock Springs is 20 minutes from my parents house that we would all leave Tuesday night and spend Thanksgiving with my parents.  Then we would come home Saturday.  The kids were excited and I was excited to be able to see family over the weekend.  Then the weather reports started getting bad for this week and we weren't sure a long trip, through the night, would be a good idea.  I didn't want to take the kids out when it could be bad conditions but I didn't want Michael to drive by himself either.  Then last night we got a phone call from my younger brother, Stephen.  He had talked to my parents earlier and they had told him about Michael's interview.  He travels a lot (weekly) with his job.  In fact he was on his way to a hotel when he called.  He said he had tons to points saved up and he could get Michael a flight from Sioux Falls to Salt Lake Tuesday night and then have him back in Sioux Falls Wednesday night.  Wow!  What an answer to a prayer that had not even completely been said!  Not only will it save us money that we did not have to spend, but Michael will not have to drive that 13 hours to get to the interview.  He will be much safer and I will not have to worry about him while he is gone.  Michael said that would be great.  Stephen got to his hotel, booked the flight and sent us the itinerary.  Just like that, it was done!  The kids were quite sad this morning when they found out we would not be going to Wyoming for Thanksgiving but we talked about fun things we could do instead and they were okay by the time they left for school.  I am a little sad too but I am hoping that this interview leads to a job and that we will be living there soon so we can see family whenever we want!  Anyways, what a blessing that short sentence was.  "I have a bunch of miles" has lifted a burden and solved a problem that we weren't quite sure how to solve.  So thank you to my brother for offering something that he did not have to offer and thank you to my Heavenly Father for answering a prayer that had not fully been uttered yet.

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