Wednesday, November 24, 2010


These last two days have really been something! After the job offer last night, the crazy weather, the closed interstates and then the reopening of those interstates when Michael needed to get through, it has been quite the roller coaster!  He went early to his interview this morning so he could talk to Laci about the job offer from the night before.  She was in meetings so he ended up just talking to Heather (the person interviewing him today) about both jobs.  She also ended up offering him a job!  She told him to let her or Laci know Monday morning which job he wanted.  He got all the specifics about wages, overtime, benefits, vacation and shifts.  Then he called me.  He told me which job he was leaning towards and I agreed with him on the decision.  The job would pay more than the other and he would like the work better.  With minimum hours worked he would be making almost 2 1/2 times what he is making now.   When he got to the airport he tried to call Heather back with his decision but they were already gone for the weekend.  He left a message and he'll call back Monday.  Can I just say, I am so excited to FINALLY be able to say that yes we are moving and we know where we are moving to!  I feel so good.  It is like a huge weight has been lifted off me.  I haven't felt this good in so long.  We didn't expect things to happen this quickly, but I am so glad it did.  While we will be leaving behind people that we love, we will be going closer to family and that will be a wonderful blessing.  I can't help but acknowledge Heavenly Father in all of this.  The way it all came together, the amount of money that we will be making, all the little miracles that have happened over the last two days - it couldn't have happened without His hand in things.  I am so grateful.  I feel overwhelmed and kind of in shock.  We have been dealing with this for so long, it seems unreal that it is ending.  I keep thinking I am going to wake up and find it is all a dream.  The kids are also excited.  They know we will be moving closer to family and they love that.  Dillon already started packing!  I am glad they are excited.  That will help the transition for them.  When we left Hendricks, they were not at all excited and it made it really hard and I felt horrible.  This time I think it will be a little easier all the way around.  We still don't have an exact date.  Once they get Michael's decision, they will start his background check.  Once that process is started, they will be able to tell approximately how long it will take and then we can base our two weeks notice on that.  It could be as soon as two weeks or it could be as long as 6 weeks.  We won't know until it is submitted.  But at least we have a destination and the answers that we have been seeking for so long!

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Joyce said...

Happy Thanksgiving....Sounds like we all have one more thing to be thankful for. I am obviously thrilled. I feel lots of long week-end road trips.

Have a great day. I am up early making rolls. wish I could send you a couple of dozen. Love you all.