Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catch Up Pictures

Here are some pictures I finally downloaded of Halloween weekend.

Olivia with her scarey teeth from the Great Pumpkin.

Maddi and Zeke

All the kids dressed up for trunk-or-treat.  Makenna is a ballerina, Olivia is a Vikings cheerleader, Dillon is a Vikings football player, Zane is a Packers football player, and Zeke and Maddi are basketball players.

Zeke and Olivia making treats on Halloween

Makenna measuring chex for chex mix.

Zane being a goof :)

Michael and I dressed up for trunk-or-treat.  I dressed up as a mom and Michael dressed up as a cowboy!

Maddi and Zeke doing crafts at trunk-or-treat.

Dillon getting his face painted at trunk-or-teat

All the kids eating their candy afterwards.

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