Sunday, November 7, 2010

As Sung By a 4 Year Old

Zeke has a new favorite song that he learned at church this year.  He sings it every where we go.  It is usually loud and a little off key, but he sings with his heart.  It is "The Iron Rod."

Here is how he sings it:
To Nephi seven golden time, a vithion came fwom God.  Where in da holy worlds of blind, was shown an i on wad.  Hode to da wad, ddee i on wad.  Tis stwong and bwight and twue.  Dee i on wad is da word of God, twill safely guide us fwew.

Here is how it really goes:
To Nephi , seer of olden time, a vision came from God.  Where in the holy word sublime, was shown an iron rod.  Hold to the rod, the iron rod.  Tis strong was bright and true.  The iron rod is the word of God, twill safely guide us through.

I love it when he sings it.  He really gets into it and sings with all he's worth.  We sung it in church a few weeks ago and he had all sorts of people grinning as he belted it out!  They will have their program in sacrament in a few weeks and the primary kids will sing it again.  I can't wait!

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Katie said...

cute! good transcribing too. sometimes I am not sure how to spell the words that Josie comes up with. Her newest song is "Angels We Have Heard on High". HILARIOUS!