Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Week...

Well another week has come and gone and we are starting a new week.  We all had a good Thanksgiving break.  Good food, lots of playtime and no alarm clocks!  Friday we put up our Christmas decorations and the kids slept out in the living room by the Christmas tree.  They love doing that!  Sunday the kids and I sang in church.  Olivia didn't - she said she couldn't remember how to sing so she sat with Michael.  The other kids did a great job.  Monday was the start of school and getting back on a schedule.  The weather turned cold over the weekend and we got a little snow yesterday.  The kids were so excited.  It was our first snow of the season.  It barely covered the ground but they still got on all their snow clothes, drug out the sleds and played until dark.  Actually it was just the girls - the boys had to clean their room :)  I started making phone calls to Green River and Rock Springs trying to find out about rentals and other such things.  Not much luck yet, but I know it will all work out.  Michael left messages at Haliburton but so far they have not returned his calls.  They weren't in the office yesterday.  Hopefully we will hear something today.  I still have this fear that all this will fall apart!  It all happened so fast.  Nothing like this has ever happened to us before.  I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it.  I think it will stay that way until we are actually there and living it.  In the meantime I have started some packing.  We will have to downsize so I am trying to sort through things and get rid of everything that we absolutely don't have to have.  I have started in the storage room.  I hate the thought of having to move all that food storage again, but we will and it will be fine.   Things are already getting crazy with empty boxes stacked here and there and packed boxes along the walls downstairs.  Time will go quickly though, especially with the added busyness of the season.  This week we have basketball practice tonight.  I will take all the kids while Michael goes to his church meetings.  Michael has more meetings tomorrow.  I have a church program Thursday night and the girls have their school concert that night.  Michael leaves early Friday morning to go to Kansas until late Saturday night.  The boys have their school concert Friday night.  Maddi has two basketball games Saturday morning.  Saturday evening we are headed to Hendricks.  Sunday is church and Michael has to work Sunday night.  Crazy times, but fun times!  Hopefully things start coming together and we can get everything done that we need to!

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