Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Week...

Well another week has come and gone and we are starting a new week.  We all had a good Thanksgiving break.  Good food, lots of playtime and no alarm clocks!  Friday we put up our Christmas decorations and the kids slept out in the living room by the Christmas tree.  They love doing that!  Sunday the kids and I sang in church.  Olivia didn't - she said she couldn't remember how to sing so she sat with Michael.  The other kids did a great job.  Monday was the start of school and getting back on a schedule.  The weather turned cold over the weekend and we got a little snow yesterday.  The kids were so excited.  It was our first snow of the season.  It barely covered the ground but they still got on all their snow clothes, drug out the sleds and played until dark.  Actually it was just the girls - the boys had to clean their room :)  I started making phone calls to Green River and Rock Springs trying to find out about rentals and other such things.  Not much luck yet, but I know it will all work out.  Michael left messages at Haliburton but so far they have not returned his calls.  They weren't in the office yesterday.  Hopefully we will hear something today.  I still have this fear that all this will fall apart!  It all happened so fast.  Nothing like this has ever happened to us before.  I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it.  I think it will stay that way until we are actually there and living it.  In the meantime I have started some packing.  We will have to downsize so I am trying to sort through things and get rid of everything that we absolutely don't have to have.  I have started in the storage room.  I hate the thought of having to move all that food storage again, but we will and it will be fine.   Things are already getting crazy with empty boxes stacked here and there and packed boxes along the walls downstairs.  Time will go quickly though, especially with the added busyness of the season.  This week we have basketball practice tonight.  I will take all the kids while Michael goes to his church meetings.  Michael has more meetings tomorrow.  I have a church program Thursday night and the girls have their school concert that night.  Michael leaves early Friday morning to go to Kansas until late Saturday night.  The boys have their school concert Friday night.  Maddi has two basketball games Saturday morning.  Saturday evening we are headed to Hendricks.  Sunday is church and Michael has to work Sunday night.  Crazy times, but fun times!  Hopefully things start coming together and we can get everything done that we need to!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Maddi's Birthday

I feel bad I procrastinated blogging about Maddi's birthday.  This week has been such a whirlwind of a week!  We celebrated Maddi's 10th birthday Saturday night and Sunday.  She wanted for her birthday supper a baked potato bar so we had that Saturday night.  We also let her open one present.  Sunday was a busy day.  Michael had early morning meetings, the kids had their primary program in sacrament and then there was a Thanksgiving potluck after church.  Then we had to meet with the bishop for tithing settlement.  The kids and I went home and Michael stayed for more meetings.  He got home later than usual and Olivia was sleeping so poor Maddi had to wait until about 5pm to open her presents.  It was killing her!  She did get to talk to people on the phone and that helped pass the time.  For her cake she wanted a basketball (a green one) so that's what I made her.  They started putting candles in it before I could get a picture but that's alright, it just looked like a round green cake anyways :)  We did have a fun day and she went to bed saying it was her best birthday ever!

We are so thankful for Maddi.  She is an amazing little (maybe not so little anymore) girl.  She is so helpful and thoughtful.  She tries so hard to do what is right.  She wants really bad to be a grown up but she has fun being a kid too.  She loves sports, especially basketball, and it is fun to watch her develop and improve as she gets older.  She'll be good on the court when that time comes!  She is a wonderful example to those around her and has tons of friends because of the person that she is.  We love her so much and are so blessed to have her in our lives.  She has held a special place in our hearts from the moment we knew she was coming!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


These last two days have really been something! After the job offer last night, the crazy weather, the closed interstates and then the reopening of those interstates when Michael needed to get through, it has been quite the roller coaster!  He went early to his interview this morning so he could talk to Laci about the job offer from the night before.  She was in meetings so he ended up just talking to Heather (the person interviewing him today) about both jobs.  She also ended up offering him a job!  She told him to let her or Laci know Monday morning which job he wanted.  He got all the specifics about wages, overtime, benefits, vacation and shifts.  Then he called me.  He told me which job he was leaning towards and I agreed with him on the decision.  The job would pay more than the other and he would like the work better.  With minimum hours worked he would be making almost 2 1/2 times what he is making now.   When he got to the airport he tried to call Heather back with his decision but they were already gone for the weekend.  He left a message and he'll call back Monday.  Can I just say, I am so excited to FINALLY be able to say that yes we are moving and we know where we are moving to!  I feel so good.  It is like a huge weight has been lifted off me.  I haven't felt this good in so long.  We didn't expect things to happen this quickly, but I am so glad it did.  While we will be leaving behind people that we love, we will be going closer to family and that will be a wonderful blessing.  I can't help but acknowledge Heavenly Father in all of this.  The way it all came together, the amount of money that we will be making, all the little miracles that have happened over the last two days - it couldn't have happened without His hand in things.  I am so grateful.  I feel overwhelmed and kind of in shock.  We have been dealing with this for so long, it seems unreal that it is ending.  I keep thinking I am going to wake up and find it is all a dream.  The kids are also excited.  They know we will be moving closer to family and they love that.  Dillon already started packing!  I am glad they are excited.  That will help the transition for them.  When we left Hendricks, they were not at all excited and it made it really hard and I felt horrible.  This time I think it will be a little easier all the way around.  We still don't have an exact date.  Once they get Michael's decision, they will start his background check.  Once that process is started, they will be able to tell approximately how long it will take and then we can base our two weeks notice on that.  It could be as soon as two weeks or it could be as long as 6 weeks.  We won't know until it is submitted.  But at least we have a destination and the answers that we have been seeking for so long!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Phone Call and Crazy Weather

We dropped Michael off at the airport this evening a little after 5 then we headed to school so Maddi could have basketball practice.  About 6:30 Michael called.  He was getting ready to board the plane.  He told me that the lady from Halliburton that had interviewed him for the first job had just called and offered it to him.  He laughed and said he was on his way to Rock Springs to interview for another job.  She said that her office was right next to the person he was meeting with tomorrow so she wants him to stop into her office and talk to her too.  Kind of exciting, but there is still things to be discussed before a decision can be made.  When I got home I called my parents and they informed me that the weather between Salt Lake and Green River was not good.  Part of the interstate was closed and you had to have 4 wheel drive or chains to get up over the mountain pass out of Park City.  We had been watching the weather all day and supposedly it was suppose to get better.  I guess it had to get worse first!  We are hoping that it will be cleared off before morning so he can get to his interviews.  That would be sad to get so far and go through all that just to have to turn around and go home without an interview.  Originally he was going to drive straight to Green River and stay at my parents house.  Now he is going to get a hotel in Salt Lake and wait until morning to drive.  Anyways, I guess if he doesn't get to the one, he at least has a job with the other if he wants it!  We'll see how it all goes...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Prayer for a Little Finger

On Sunday one of my sister's little girls got her finger pinched in a door at church. It cut it off at the first joint. Only a ligament held the tip on. She's barely 3 years old. Today they did surgery to reattatch the finger tip but it was already turning gray. The doctor said it was the second worse finger he's ever seen and he doesn't give much hope that it will be saved. They will take her back next Monday to see. In the meantime all of you who read this blog, please send up a prayer for a sweet, brave little girl and her finger and also her sweet mommy who is dealing with a lot of emotions and guilt over the accident.

I Have a Bunch of Miles

As I stated in the last blog, Michael has been asked to go to Rock Springs for a second interview.  We were planning on doing it Wednesday.  We had thought (mostly I had, but I convinced Michael to think the same) that since the kids didn't have school Wednesday and since Rock Springs is 20 minutes from my parents house that we would all leave Tuesday night and spend Thanksgiving with my parents.  Then we would come home Saturday.  The kids were excited and I was excited to be able to see family over the weekend.  Then the weather reports started getting bad for this week and we weren't sure a long trip, through the night, would be a good idea.  I didn't want to take the kids out when it could be bad conditions but I didn't want Michael to drive by himself either.  Then last night we got a phone call from my younger brother, Stephen.  He had talked to my parents earlier and they had told him about Michael's interview.  He travels a lot (weekly) with his job.  In fact he was on his way to a hotel when he called.  He said he had tons to points saved up and he could get Michael a flight from Sioux Falls to Salt Lake Tuesday night and then have him back in Sioux Falls Wednesday night.  Wow!  What an answer to a prayer that had not even completely been said!  Not only will it save us money that we did not have to spend, but Michael will not have to drive that 13 hours to get to the interview.  He will be much safer and I will not have to worry about him while he is gone.  Michael said that would be great.  Stephen got to his hotel, booked the flight and sent us the itinerary.  Just like that, it was done!  The kids were quite sad this morning when they found out we would not be going to Wyoming for Thanksgiving but we talked about fun things we could do instead and they were okay by the time they left for school.  I am a little sad too but I am hoping that this interview leads to a job and that we will be living there soon so we can see family whenever we want!  Anyways, what a blessing that short sentence was.  "I have a bunch of miles" has lifted a burden and solved a problem that we weren't quite sure how to solve.  So thank you to my brother for offering something that he did not have to offer and thank you to my Heavenly Father for answering a prayer that had not fully been uttered yet.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Michael's interview went well this morning.  They want him to come to Rock Springs as soon as he can to do another interview.  We are trying to figure out the schedule so he can make it there next week.  Hopefully the kids and I can go too so we can visit my family.  We'll see...  He has a lot going on right now so it will be hard to squeeze a trip to the far side of Wyoming in!  At least it's a breakthrough.  We'll see what it leads to!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yet Another Interview...

Michael got another call from the same company in Rock Springs to interview tomorrow for another job there. We should hear back on the first job by Monday. I finally got his resume faxed off to the mine in Challis so we will see where all this leads us. I sure hope it leads somewhere, I've had about all I can handle! My sleep is horrible, my energy drained yet I have to keep going because I have children and a husband who count on me for things. Plus we have birthdays yet to celebrate, thanksgiving in a week and then Christmas will be here. All of that requires me to be cheerful and fun so my children don't feel the stress I do.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Makenna!

Monday we celebrated Makenna's 9th birthday. She was so excited for it to come! We took cookies to school so she could celebrate with her class. After school she got several phone calls from grandmas and aunts wishing her a happy birthday. She chose hamburgers and onion rings for supper that night. I made her a cake. It had a unicorn on it and I tried to make a pond with a field with little flowers in it. I also tried to make a few rocks. It didn't turn out quite like I pictured it in my head but once the candles are blown out and the cake is cut, you can't tell what it was anyways! We opened presents that night after supper. She loved all her gifts and seemed to have a great day! Now I have two nine year olds for a week!

We are so thankful for Makenna. She can be hard but she has a very tender spirit that makes her so sweet. She is so aware of those around her in need of kindness and friendship. She has a wild spirit that keeps us all on our toes and constantly amazed at what she comes up with! There's a song on her Alvin and the Chipmunks album that makes me think of her every time I hear it. It's called "The Song". She has something inside her that no one can stop. She really does have a song inside her that she moves to. I love to watch her figure out life and her place in it. She blesses us all and we are so happy to have her in our lives. Happy Birthday Kenna!

Her song is in the post below...

The Song

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Interview

Well, we've had a little more happen over the last week and weekend.  Last week, Michael got a text from a friend who is trying to help him get a job up in Challis, ID at a mine he works at.  Last night Michael got the rest of the needed information to fax his resume to one of the head managers there, who is also an acquaintance of ours (he is Michael's friend's father-in-law).  I don't know if this will help the process there or not but it is worth a try!  Sunday he got a call from a company in Rock Springs, Wy.  They set a phone interview up for today.  Supposedly this company is one of the best in the area to work for.  They treat their employees good and they have good pay and good benefits.  We'll see how it goes.  In the meantime, I am anxiously waiting and hoping for something to happen and praying that I will hold out until it does!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Day of Rest

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Well, I'm still waiting for the "rest" part because it has certainly been a day! I woke up at 3 am and couldn't sleep - something that seems to happen more than I would like it too, especially lately. By 4 am I had my I-touch out writing a story for Zeke for school and emailing it to myself so I could save it on the computer. The alarm went off at 5:45 am just as I was finishing downloading some new kids games to my I-touch for the kids to play. After Michael left for his meetings, I got ready for church and then began looking for a song to sing in church. Our family has been asked to sing in sacrament in two weeks. The kids voices aren't strong enough to hold the melody while I sing alto so I had to find a song in a low enough note range that I could sing the melody without screeching. Around 7:15 I started getting the kids up and helping them get ready. We were at church by 8:45 where I sat with them by myself while Michael was up on the stand. Some of them were quite active today and one princess in particular thought it necessary to talk almost constantly in a low, but audible voice, stopping only once or twice to wave to her daddy! I also had to find a piano player and sheet music for us - which did happen a lot easier than I thought it would, thank goodness! I also taught Relief Society today. I enjoy that though. It was the least stressful thing today. When we got home there was changing clothes (some several times because they thought it was warm enough for shorts! Afterall it is still above freezing) and then lunch. Michael came home with a headache that turned into a migraine that resulted in him throwing up at least 3 times and spending most of the day shut up in the bedroom with the lights out while I tried to keep the kids quiet so as not to add to his pain. The kids ate from 1 to 4 without stopping I think! In between bites they were bouncing off the walls! It was crazy! I talked to my parents, Michael's mom and his grandma. We practiced our song four times. The nice BBQ pork dinner I put in the crockpot this morning had to be saved for another day because Michael couldn't eat it and the kids wouldn't eat it. By 7:30 things were slightly settled down and then I remembered I had to make Kenna's birthday cake tonight because I wouldn't have time to do it all tomorrow. So, I put it in the oven, tucked Michael back into bed, read scriptures with the kids, had family prayer, tucked the kids into bed, took the cake out of the oven, studied my lesson for next week and now I am enjoying some peace and quiet (except for a few " mom, I need..." episodes) while I blog and the cake cools. Tomorrow won't be much better, but it will be fun because we will be celebrating Makenna. I think I will look to Tuesday for being my make-up day of rest!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Star Student

Zeke is the star student at preschool this week.  On Monday, Olivia and I got to go to school with him and spend the morning in his class.  He gets to be line leader all week and he gets to leads the group activities and circle time routine.  He has his pictures up on the bulletin board and "all about me" facts.  He thinks he's pretty neat stuff.  I think he is too!  Here is a picture of us from Monday morning:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Have I Told You Lately...

This is a song that Zeke and I sing to each other.  I love hearing his little voice sing to me.  It just melts my heart.

Catch Up Pictures

Here are some pictures I finally downloaded of Halloween weekend.

Olivia with her scarey teeth from the Great Pumpkin.

Maddi and Zeke

All the kids dressed up for trunk-or-treat.  Makenna is a ballerina, Olivia is a Vikings cheerleader, Dillon is a Vikings football player, Zane is a Packers football player, and Zeke and Maddi are basketball players.

Zeke and Olivia making treats on Halloween

Makenna measuring chex for chex mix.

Zane being a goof :)

Michael and I dressed up for trunk-or-treat.  I dressed up as a mom and Michael dressed up as a cowboy!

Maddi and Zeke doing crafts at trunk-or-treat.

Dillon getting his face painted at trunk-or-teat

All the kids eating their candy afterwards.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Hard Decision

Over the weekend, Michael and I finally made a very hard decision. After much prayer, thought and discussion we decided to say no to the railroad. All logic made sense to say yes, but everything else made us feel no. Despite our financial situation and the great need to find something else, we just didn't feel right about it. We did everything we could think of to make it work. I ignored the constant head ache and sick stomach and planned for Nebraska, but in the end, we had to go with our hearts and the promptings we felt. It was a huge relief to make this decision. I feel much better now and so does Michael. Unfortunately, it means we are back to square one - needing to do something but not knowing what that is. We have talked about going back to school or staying here until a job comes up. We're not sure which route to take. Am I nervous for what lies ahead? Kind of. The unknown is hard for me. I am ready for answers to be found and to know what lies ahead for us. I do know, however, that something will come and we will have answers. Heavenly Father will not forsake us. We will be able to provide for our family and find what we need. Our prayers will be answered. In the meantime, we will continue our search and hope that the answers come soon.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

As Sung By a 4 Year Old

Zeke has a new favorite song that he learned at church this year.  He sings it every where we go.  It is usually loud and a little off key, but he sings with his heart.  It is "The Iron Rod."

Here is how he sings it:
To Nephi seven golden time, a vithion came fwom God.  Where in da holy worlds of blind, was shown an i on wad.  Hode to da wad, ddee i on wad.  Tis stwong and bwight and twue.  Dee i on wad is da word of God, twill safely guide us fwew.

Here is how it really goes:
To Nephi , seer of olden time, a vision came from God.  Where in the holy word sublime, was shown an iron rod.  Hold to the rod, the iron rod.  Tis strong was bright and true.  The iron rod is the word of God, twill safely guide us through.

I love it when he sings it.  He really gets into it and sings with all he's worth.  We sung it in church a few weeks ago and he had all sorts of people grinning as he belted it out!  They will have their program in sacrament in a few weeks and the primary kids will sing it again.  I can't wait!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Know Why

Mommy, I know why there is a girl on the raisin box. It's because she's the one that plants the raisins!

Cross That Off

Well, Michael had his talk with the boss. I didn't have to go because I was babysitting. We can officially cross the ranch off. Their offer to us to stay was not enough to make any difference. So we know not to include it in our plans for the future. We both figured that would happen so we weren't holding our breath for it anyways.

Pants on the Ground

Remember that song from American Idol?  Well, my kids think it is the funniest song.  Just a little bit ago I heard Zeke and Olivia downstairs singing it.  It went something like this (try to imagine them trying to talk really cool while saying it too):  "Pants on da gwound, pants on da gwound.  Lookin' like a flew wiff your pants on da gwound."  Then they would repeat it in a little higher pitch and a little louder voice several more times.  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Everyday I Think of Different Cool Stuff

Like right now I am thinking about kicking a football all the way to the clouds.  That would be really cool.  Yesterday I thought about me and you flying.  That would be cool too.  The day before that I thought about bringing my folder home everyday (right now it only comes home on Thursdays).  Wouldn't that be cool?  I'll have to wait and see what is cool that I think about tomorrow.

By Zeke

Talk With the Boss Man

When I got home this morning from taking Zeke to school, Michael called and asked what my schedule was for the next two days. I told him nothing and asked why, hoping that he would tell me he had an interview in Wyoming or something. Instead he told me that the boss man wanted to talk to me and him together. They know Michael is looking elsewhere and I suppose he is going to try to make some offer to get us to stay (or else he's going to tell us to get out now - he can be kind of moody). He said he could talk to us together or separate. I won't go talk to him by myself! So, my nerves are in high gear again. I'll let you know how it goes...

By the way, Michael had his strength test yesterday. That should be about the last thing he needs before they extend the official job offer. He wasn't given the results of his test so we'll have to wait and see how he did.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Want a Baby...

and a puppy.  I love babies and I love puppies.  Because I am a princess and princesses love babies and puppies.  I need a baby and a puppy.  When can we get a baby and a puppy, Mommy?

Ha!  My response to that?  My little princess will get a puppy long before she will get a baby!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Am I Strong Enough?

Yes and sorry, this is another post about the job situation.  I promise someday my blogs will be fun again and filled with all of our family events.  Right now though, this is what our family is dealing with and this is what is in the forefront of our minds and the topic of most conversations.  Anyways, after talking to several people yesterday and another today, I feel better about the town of Alliance.  I think I mentioned that yesterday.  The people were very friendly and helpful and loved the town.  However, it brought a new question to my mind.  Am I strong enough?  During the conversations things like single parenting, living with your phone, giving up family time and a hard four or five years were mentioned.  The one that got me the most though, was from a lady whose husband had retired a few years ago from the railroad.  She said that it takes a strong woman.  I have to be strong enough to raise the family and hold things together while Michael is out earning the money.  I have to be understanding and strong willed.  It is not for the weak and faint of heart.  I have to admit, I'm not sure that I am that person that she said I would have to be.  It makes me nervous that I will be the one not able to handle our new situation if in fact we go to the railroad.  Am I strong enough?  I don't want to be a single parent.  I don't want my life to be determined by the next phone call.  I hope that if we end up there, I can be that person, but I have doubts and worries.  Once again, we will be required to act on faith.  Faith that Heavenly Father knows better than we do and that He will give us the strength to be what we don't think we can be.  I will have to be strong not only for the children, but also for Michael.  He will need assurance that all is well at home.  I hope that Heavenly Father will come to my rescue and raise me up to where I need to be so that I can be to my family who they need me to be.

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Morning

This morning I have spent almost the entire time on the phone.  I called the doctor for Maddi and Dillon.  I called Sam's mom about babysitting this afternoon.  I called a friend about toys for her daycare.  I called two different schools on Alliance and a realtor.  The realtor was very nice.  Her husband is a retired conductor.  It was nice to hear her talk about the job.  Finding a place to rent may be difficult.  We may end up having to buy a home.  We'll see.  The secretary at the elementary school was very nice too.  She answered some questions about the school and the town.  She said Alliance is a very nice place.  She said she raised her children there and if given the choice she would do it again.  She said it is a great place to raise children.  She said most families there belong to the railroad so we would be with people who understand our situation and life circumstances.  I will call the bishop of the church later and talk to him.  We thought we may as well get things going.  So far nothing else has come up.  We are down to two months before we have to move.  That's not a lot of time to find a place to live and do everything else we need to do.  Time will go quickly, that's for sure.  It will be hard to pack up and move again to another unknown but I do feel better about things after talking to people this morning.  The schools sound similar to what the kids are doing now.  The girls could still be in their advanced reading groups.  They would still have PE, music and art.  The classes would be similar sizes.  The schools are K-2nd grade in one school and 2nd - 4th in the other school.  Middle school is 5th-8th.  There are a lot of preschool options for Zeke and Olivia so that will be good too.  Anyways, despite spending the morning on the phone I feel I have accomplished quite a bit and gotten one little step closer to where we are headed.