Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Treats from Japan

Today we got a wonderful box in the mail from Japan!  When I was a junior in high school I became good friends with an exchange student from there.  She recently joined facebook and found me.  Today I got a package from her filled with Japanese treats.  They are very interesting and some I could get addicted to.  There are soy sauce and stir fry flavored potato chips which are actually (despite the sound of it) very good.  There were cookies with chocolate and strawberry inside, also very good.  There were some caramels that I love and some taffy that has a sour center that my kids will love.  There was one bean flavored taffy, hmmm, not so much but very interesting.  She also sent a coin to each of my children.  They are to make into a necklace for good luck.   I am very excited for my kids to get home and try all the goodies.  They will think it is so cool to have these things from Japan!  Now we are going to get her family a package of American treats.  My kids will love picking out things for them.   I love little things that can brighten up an otherwise stressful day :)

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Melissa said...

How fun!! Yeah, that bean paste is so popular, but the taste, yikes! Must be cultural! I am so bad, I've finally sent my first box of Japanese treats out, to a friend. We've been here 10 months!