Thursday, October 21, 2010

School Lunch Chili

Just for the record, cleaning school lunch chili off of clothes is very similar to cleaning vomit off of clothes.  It has the same consistency and a similar smell.  It leaves the same kind of coating on the sink and you have to clean the same kind of chunks out of the drain.  How do I know?  Well, yesterday the kids had chili for lunch at school.  I guess when Zane was going to dump his tray, he bumped into a 4th grader and Zane got chili all down his shirt and jacket (inside and out).  Thankfully there was a teacher there to help him change his shirt.  They put the dirty clothes in a plastic bag for him to bring home and found him another shirt to wear the rest of the day.  Silly me, I had no idea HOW much chili had spilled on him so I left the clothes in the bag until this morning.  From what was all over Zane's clothes, I would say that the 4th grader did not like chili and had not eaten very much, if any of it!  I proceeded to wash out his shirt in the bathroom sink having to stop half way through to let the sink drain and empty it out.  Then I did the jacket having to do the same thing.  It was gross.  Afterwards I had to wash the residue off the sink and clean the drain again.  The fact that I knew it was not vomit did help a little but it was still gross.  What did I learn from this whole experience?  You're probably thinking "wash the clothes out right away."  No, what I learned was to keep them home from school next time they have chili for lunch.  It's just not worth the risk...

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Katie said...

ew. Having just spent the day cleaning actual vomit out of EVERYTHING, I totally empathize.
good plan to skip the chili too.