Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rocks, Blood and Tears

Yesterday afternoon, shortly before supper, I heard crying.  At first I didn't react because I usually hear some kind of crying - someone took someone's ball, someone won't let me play, etc.  The crying however quickly got loud and painful.  Then I heard the kids rushing in with Olivia and Makenna (who slightly overreacts) came running in a told us that Olivia was bleeding really bad.  Right behind her was Olivia with a toe full of blood and a face full of tears.  I picked her up and took her and her dripping foot into the bathroom and sat her on the counter.  She cried and cried while I ran cold water over her toe.  It was pretty nasty looking.  The blood kept coming out from all around her toenail and her toenail had turned purple.  Maddi informed us that she had dropped a big rock on it.  I guess Olivia had put a big rock on top of a flat playground ball and then put a frisbee on top of it.  Then she picked it all up and was carrying it to another spot when the rock fell out from between the ball and the frisbee and landed on her toe.  I could tell from her crying that it hurt.  She finally settled down, we put a band aid on it and ate supper.  After supper she fell alseep on the couch.  It was much needed.  When she woke up I could tell that the band aid needed changed so I began to pull it off.  I started on the underneath side because she was so tender on the top side.  After we got the underside pulled off I let her rest for a minute before I did the rest.  When I started pulling it off the top she started screaming.  I guess the band aid was pulling the skin enough (it was really stuck on there) that it was actually pulling into her toe nail.  It made it start bleeding again.  Makenna held Olivia's hand while I very carefully and slowly pulled the band aid off.  Then we covered it with gauze so that it would be easier to get on and off.  She was in a lot of pain the rest of the evening.   She would be sitting there and then all of the sudden start crying because her toe was hurting.  Around 11pm, she woke up and started crying, her toe hurt, her tummy hurt and she wanted to be with me.  I got her tylenol and let her lay in our bed until she was ready to go back to her own bed.  She went back to sleep and didn't wake again until 3:30am.  I took her to the bathroom, put her gauze back on that had fallen off and took her back to bed.  She slept good the rest of the night.  This morning she is limping pretty good but seems to be doing better.  Her toe looks nasty and she can't wear shoes very well.  We skipped the gym today because she can't wear sandals to the Kids Zone and I knew she wouldn't want to run around and play there today.  Thank goodness it is still relatively warm outside so she can wear sandals and not freeze!  Poor little princess!  It was not a fun day for her yesterday!