Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preschool Party

Olivia and I got to go to school with Zeke today for his preschool halloween party.  All the kids dressed up and looked cute.  Olivia ate breakfast with Zeke and thought that was pretty cool.  Then we went and sat out in the hallway by the classroom.  All the lights were out in the room.  His teacher handed out special glasses, bowls and flashlights.  They were going on a spider hunt in the room.  There were little black plastic spiders all over the floor in the classroom.  The kids turned on their flashlights and went in hunting.  All the spiders they found they put in their bowls and then afterwards we counted them and they each got a certificate telling how many spiders they found on the spider hunt.  After that we carved a pumpkin and picked out the seeds for the teacher to roast over the weekend.  Then we read a story and played games.  The kids had a lot of fun.  Olivia LOVED being a big kid for a day and Zeke made sure to keep her close by in case she needed help.  After the party, Olivia and I ate lunch with Zeke.  Wasn't the best day for school lunch but Zeke liked us being there eating with him.  Here are a few pictures from our morning.

Zeke and Olivia with their special spider hunting glasses

Olivia finding spiders

Zeke with his bowl of spiders

Picking out pumpkin seeds

Zeke cutting out his pumpkin to paint

Olivia finding a bone in a bowl of slimy cold spaghetti

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