Friday, October 29, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences

Last night I went to parent teacher conferences for the four oldest.  The reports were good.  I went to Zane's teacher first.  She loves Zane and says that he is fun to have in class.  He struggles with math from time to time, but overall he is a good student.  She is a super nice teacher.  Makenna had her too and loved her.  Next I went to Makenna's teacher.  She said Makenna is a sweet heart and an excellent student.  She said Makenna was actually her top student in every subject!  Go Kenna!  It doesn't surprise me.  Makenna loves learning and works really hard on her school work.  Maddi was next.  Her teacher really likes her too.  He said she is a good student, that she uses her time really well in class, she knows when to stop messing around and get to work, and she has good class participation.  His only worry with her is that she needs to slow down and check her work so she doesn't make so many silly mistakes.  She got pretty much all B's but he said it wasn't because she doesn't know the material, he knows she does, it's because she needs to slow down.  Dillon was last.  I never know what to expect from his teachers because he is so young.  She said she was worried when she saw his age at the beginning of the year and actually went to his kindergarten teacher to ask about him.  She said he has done really well though and his age hasn't been a problem at all.  She said she loves him and he is doing excellent in her class.  After that I went to see the girls' reading teacher.  They are in an advanced reading class.  They had also been tested to be in a gifted program so I went to talk to her about the results.  Unfortunately, we just got a new principal and she doesn't know if she wants to continue on in the development of this program like the last principal did so that program may never come about.  I was amazed at the girls' abilities.  I think they get that from me!  Haha!  I felt good leaving the school last night.  You never know what your kids will go off and do when you are not around.  I am proud of the reports that I received and I am proud of my children and the examples they set.  Today I am taking them swimming as a reward for their hard work.

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