Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's The Great Pumpkin

This year, for the first time since having children we are getting to experience trick or treating on Sunday. The last time Halloween landed on a Sunday we lived in Idaho and they did it on Saturday.  So, we talked to our children about the Sabbath and what kinds of things we should and should not do. We don't shop, play sports, go to parties, eat out, go to the movies or other things like that. We spend the day together as a family. We go to church, write in our journals, call family, play together, read and sometimes we make special treats together. Then we talked about choices.  We talked about how not every choice we make is between good and bad.  Sometimes we have to make a choice between two good things.  When that happens we need to decide what will be the best for us and our situation.  Then I let the children decide.  They decided that they wouldn't go trick or treating this year (we'll see if it lasts through the day).  They thought the better choice would be to not go.  We did go to trunk or treat at church on Friday so the kids did get to dress up and get candy. They had a lot of fun. Yesterday I got treats to play "Don't Eat Pete" and ingredients to make chex mix. The kids also wanted to make cookies using some of the candy bars they got from trunk or treat. While I was out shopping I thought about Charlie Brown. Then the idea came to me that maybe, since we weren't trick or treating this year, that the Great Pumpkin could come to our house and leave each child a little prize. I thought it would be fun. The kids were very excited when I informed them that the Great Pumpkin comes on the years that we can't trick or treat. So last night I got out my Halloween and fall stamps and each kid made a card for the Great Pumpkin. They turned out really cute! I had one child ( Dillon) who was slightly doubtful about the Great Pumpkin but he was willing to hope! This morning when they woke up the Great Pumpkin had come.  He took their cards and left a little bag of treats instead.  The kids were so excited!  They told all sorts of people at church about the Great Pumpkin coming.  I am proud of them for being able to make a decision and I am glad that they feel good about it.  Of course, since then they have been invited by several people to go trick or treating so we'll see if they change their minds part way through.  If they do, well, that's part of decision making too.  I know I have changed my mind plenty of times throughout life.  But with or without the trick or treating, we will have a fun day filled with treats, family time and a visit from the Great Pumpkin.  Do you believe in the Great Pumpkin? My house does, but only every seven years or so!

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