Friday, October 8, 2010

A Few Hours into 35

It's only 8am but I have already had a fabulous birthday.  I got some really pretty shirts that my children picked out for me.  Unfortunately (or fortunately :) ) they are not my size so I get to go exchange them.  Maddi picked out a green one because she knows I like green.  The other one was kind of a pinky color because Olivia says I like pink!  Zane picked me out some halloween socks.  They love it when I get them socks so he figured I would love some too.  Dillon picked me out some gum.  He got gum for his birthday that he loved, so he got me the same kind for my birthday because it's the kind he loves!  Olivia picked me out some chocolate too.  She's mad because I haven't opened it yet :)  That's my girl!  I also got homemade gifts from Dillon that I mentioned in the last post.  Maddi also made me a card and gave me a kleenex with an "M" initial on it.  She wrote in her letter that she knew it wasn't a lot but she hoped I would keep it forever!  I will!  Later we are going to pick out some Dora cupcakes because Olivia says that's the kind I want for my birthday.  We will eat our cake on purple and pink princess plates because, once again, Olivia says that's what I want.  Michael is going to make me supper - finger steaks.  I LOVE finger steaks!  The only thing better than Michael making them for me is Joyce making them for me (she makes good food).  Then we are going to go to the movies.  We haven't been to the movies in a long time.   I found some cheap tickets and we are going to see Secretariat, a horse movie, of course.  The kids don't know this yet so it will be a surprise for them.  Also, today I am wearing an outfit that I have not been able to wear for a LONG time!  I reached my goal of losing my first 10 pounds by my birthday.  I am so excited.  I have worked extremely hard for those 10 pounds.  So I am celebrating by wearing these clothes, skipping the gym and having ice cream for lunch!  I probably won't be able to fit into these clothes tomorrow, but today I will celebrate!

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Katie said...

sounds like a perfect birthday! love you.