Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday the boys went with Michael to meet Tuff Hedeman.  One of the western stores here was having their 100 year anniversary and he was there signing autographs.  The ranch had taken one of their wagons there for the celebration so they stayed to meet Tuff.  For those of you who don't know, he is a famous bull rider.  He rode (tried to ride) Bodacious the bull who was eventually retired because he was too mean.  Tuff had his face knocked in from Bodacious.  6 weeks later at the NFR, Tuff drew Bodacious again.  He chose not to ride.  The announcer said that was the smartest thing he had ever seen and the crowd stood and cheered for Tuff.  The owners decided to retire him after he seriously injured another rider.  They were afraid he would eventually kill some one.  He was also the first bull rider to earn $1,000,000.  Anyways, the boys met him and now all have big dreams of riding bulls!  We'll see...

Zane and Zeke also learned how to crack a whip.  Zane actually made it crack.  Dillon didn't want to learn, he was busy shopping trying to find something to spend his birthday money on!  They all had a great time.

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