Thursday, September 16, 2010


This morning as I was walking Zeke to his school, he reached up and grabbed my hand.  It's something he does almost all the time no matter where we are walking to.  I absolutely love it.  Olivia won't hold my hand anymore - she's too independent.   Dillon will, Zane won't, the girls will off and on.  As I was going into the school today, I looked around at all the other kids.  Someday, I thought, Zeke will be like these kids.  He'll be too "big" to hold my hand, especially when other kids are around. These little everyday treasures will be gone and we'll have moved on to another stage of life.  It makes me a little sad at the thought, but it also makes me stop and enjoy the everyday things a little more because they will one day be gone.  So I hold on a little tighter while he wants me to so that I will be able to let go when he needs me to.

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