Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Runner is Born

In October, the girls and I are going to run a 5k together.  I told them if we are going to do it we need to start running in the evenings.  Last night was our first run together.  Michael was gone so we ALL had to go.  Zane and Dillon rode their bikes and Zeke and Olivia rode in the stroller.  Off we went.  Now Maddi is our athletic child.  She loves all sports and wants to play all sports.  Makenna is our cheerleader, dancer, prissy kind of girl.  I expected Maddi to take off and leave us in the dust so I had a little talk with them before we left.  I didn't want Makenna to be upset if Maddi beat her.  I told them to find their pace and not worry about anyone else.  Just go the speed you want to go.  Makenna asked if she could jog.  I told her yes and off we went.  Well, it started out like I thought it would.  Maddi was in the lead and I was behind with Makenna.  Then all of the sudden, Makenna found her groove and she was gone.  Maddi gets really bad side aches when she runs very far (I think she will be a sprinter) but she usually ignores them and keeps running.  Makenna usually gets tired and wants to be done three minutes into it.  Not last night though!  She took off and left the rest of us in the dust.  She ran the entire way (just over a mile) without stopping or slowing down.  And she loved it!  We, of course, made a huge deal of it because that's what Makenna needs.  Even Maddi told her she did good.  Makenna was on cloud nine and quite proud of herself.  I was proud of her too and quite amazed.  A runner is born!  I love it because I love to run too.  I look forward to many races with her.  Little Zeke got out of the stroller halfway through and ran too.  He went about a half mile.  Not bad for short little 4 year old legs!  They are excited to go out and do it again.  Tonight I may have to be pushed in the stroller though - it was boot camp day today :)  Anyways, keep your ears open in the future - you might just hear Makenna's name!  She's going to be a rock star one day in what ever it is she chooses to do!

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