Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Voices

I love little voices.  No, not the ones in my head, my children's voices.  At least I love them when they are not yelling and fighting.  I love their little giggles and quiet conversations.  I especially love listening to them sing.  Olivia has been on a singing kick lately.  She sings about everything.  Last night she was singing a song about Jesus and God.  This morning she was singing about her black pants that broke and we had to throw them away, not in the laundry room but in the garbage.  She also sings songs she learns at church and ones she learns from the radio or the older kids.  When Zeke and the others are around they usually join in with her.  Their voices are so pure and even when they are off key it still sounds beautiful.  All my kids love to sing and I love listening to them.  There is nothing so sweet as the sound of little voices.