Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Love Facebook

No, I'm not one of those that spends every waking hour playing games and farming on facebook.  I don't do that kind of stuff on Facebook.  The reason I love it is because it has reconnected me with people that I thought I had lost.  Friends from high school, relatives, people from past places I have lived, missionary friends, etc.  My most recent reconnect is with an exchange student from Japan.  My junior year in high school she came to Brookings.  We became really good friends and spent that whole year together.  I really missed her when she left.  We lost touch over the years and I have always been sad about that.  She was the sweetest person in the world and I wondered often about her.  This morning when I was checking my emails, I had a message from her on Facebook.  She had just joined and had found me!  I was so excited to talk to her, see pictures of her and her family and after 18 years, reconnect.   How cool is that?  I love it!

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Melissa said...

that is so awesome! I feel the same way, I don't stick around to play the games, but I LOVE finding long lost friends!