Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boot Camp

After several recommendations from a friend at the gym, I decided to try the boot camp class today.  One of the trainers does it.  It's a 45 minute class.  I thought, "I can do 45 minutes, even if it's hard."  HAHA!!  Hard is an understatement!  There were several times when I thought my legs were going to completely give way and I would fall to the floor in a sweaty, pathetic heap.  I felt good, in a very painful, exhausting kind of way.  A way that I couldn't handle for longer than 45 minutes once a week.  A way in which I will have to mentally prepare days in advance in order to go again next week.  After the class, as I was limping pitifully across the room to put my weights and mat away, the instructor asked me how it was.  "HARD!" I said.  Her reply was, "Good!"  Then I asked her how a class like this would work into the weight training schedule I was trying to keep.  My thought was how could you lift weights after you exercised like that went totally numb from the neck down.  She said that was considered cardio!  What!?  Cardio!?  Lunges, squats, jumping squats, side squats, planks, pushups on the bosu ball, wall sits with shoulder presses and many, many more painful moves one right after the other with no rest in between?  Yes, cardio.  So I should still do my weight regimen even when taking the class.  Luckily, I had done my weights before the class so I could just slowly limp home today.  Now this instructor/trainer is a competitor for women's body building.  She is ripped!  I have never seen abs like hers.  They are amazing!  I covet her abs, not her shoulders or legs, just her abs.  She's very nice and very helpful and she proceeded to give  me tips on how to better use my time and energy and how best to go about this process I am in.  I'm glad I went to the class today.  I do think "Boot Camp" is an understatement.  I think "Torture Camp" would be a better name, but I will go back next week and get tortured again.  This time I will do it on the back row though, and I will wear a different shirt so that it doesn't keep sliding up my back while I do the floor exercises.  It's hard enough to do the workout, no one needs to see my "abs" right now and add to the pain :)

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