Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Tonight I will be showing in the fair.  I'm quite excited except for the fact that it is near 100 degrees outside with high humidity and I will have to wear jeans and boots.  For htose of you who know me, I don't wear socks, let alone boots, between the months of March and November.  It's too hot!  Anyways, along with that I have to wear a long sleeve, button up western type shirt.  Problem is, I don't own one.  Michael has tons but there is a size issue.  His size is small and mine is not.  I can get them on and button them, but when I breath out, the buttons pop!  So, I had to go get one.  Now, I have not bought any article of clothing that costs over $20 in probably the last 10 years.  Having a lot of children and a little bit of income kind of puts a damper on the shopping and spending sprees.  If it costs over $20 I feel guilty and can't bring myself to buy it.  That can be a good thing, unless you're trying to buy a western shirt.  For some reason they don't start pricing those in the $20 range.  Sometimes it doesn't even start until in the $40's.  I have seen some plain looking western shirts for $80!  Who buys those?  Why would you buy those?  Well, last night I went looking, hoping to find a clearance rack.  Unfortunately, at this time of year it's the short sleeved shirts that are on sale.  I needed a long sleeved shirt.  So I sucked in all the air I could hold and bought a shirt at full price for $34.98.  I thought I was going to die!  I felt so guilty!  I would not have had a problem purchasing it for Michael (except for the fact that it was kind of girly looking and buttoned up on the wrong side), but for me?  I don't spend that kind of money on me.  Well, I couldn't find anything cheaper so I got it.  Its really cute.  It's pink, red, brown and white.  I like those colors.
It has cute little diamond snaps with front pockets and three snaps on the cuff.

And it has little embriodered flowers and stuff on it to make it look girly (although those mens shirts can be quite questionable with their feminie qualities).

I brought it home and tried it on for Michael to see.  He thought it looked nice.  It does, but I can't get past the guilt.  He says it's okay.  I'm not sure.  I'm afraid to wear it.  What if it gets dirty or ruined?  I could never replace it.  So my mind goes...Hopefully I will have moved past it a little bit by tonight so I can focus on driving and not on my shirt! 

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Joyce said...

The point in having a new shirt is to give you confidence in your driving. Forget about the cost and do what you set out to accomplish. Good Luck...and enjoy.