Monday, August 23, 2010

Mustin' Bustin"

Saturday McCrossans hosted their annual rodeo.  It was HOT outside, but we still managed to have fun.  We had quite a few exciting moments.  Zeke caused the first bit of excitement when he fell off the bleachers.  The kids were playing on them and somehow Zeke fell through (he was at the top) and hit his stomach on one of the crossbars underneath and then landed on his face on the ground.  He cried pretty hard.  Then he layed down and fell asleep.  He slept for quite awhile.  He was pouring sweat and his face was all flushed.  I was quite worried at first but then he finally woke up and started playing again.  The second cause for excitement was the mutton bustin' or "mustin' bustin'" as Zeke calls it.  Zane, Dillon and Zeke all participated.  Zane was first.  He did good and got off smiling this time instead of crying.  Zeke was next.  About the time he went out of the shoot he let go of the sheep.  Michael was srtill holding on to him so he kind of pulled Zeke off so he wouldn't hit the ground so hard.  Now Zeke tells everyone that he didn't get to ride the sheep very far because Daddy pulled him off backwards.  Dillon was last and rode the longest of the three.  He had a great time too.  His buddy, Cody, whose one of the boys here, was out there to give him high fives.  Unfortunately I didn't get great pictures, but we had great fun!  Our last bit of excitement came right ofter the mutton bustin'.  I had left the girls in charge of Olivia while I went to the other side of the arena with the boys.  When I came back, Olivia was no where to be found.  I ran up to the top of the hill so I could see more and then I saw this little red thing (she had on a red dress) crawling under the fence back where the bull riders were.  I took off running and the girls quickly followed.  Luckily she was still in safe territory.  There was a little walk way that she had crawled into that separated her from the bulls.  The rest of the night passed by with no heart pumping action (at least not by me).  The boys are already talking about next year's rodeo and the opportunity to mutton bust.  Olivia also has plans of riding the sheep.  We'll see what next year brings.
The boys watching the bulls

Back at the bucking shoots waiting for the mutton bustin' to start

Zane after his ride

Zeke out with Michael and the clown

Dillon giving high fives


Spencer and Kimberly said...

I'm glad everyone was okay after the mishaps. I love the picture of the 3 boys lined up at the fence. So cute!

Katie said...

scary with olivia! sheesh. I would have freaked out... But I love the picture of your boys lined up at the fence.