Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yesterday we showed at the Sioux Empire Fair.  It was extremely hot.  The temp was in the 90's with the heat index at 100 with high humidity.  We were all in jeans and boots and had to put on long sleeved shirts to show.  I have never sweated so much in my life.  Everything was wet and I had sweat running in places that I didn't know could sweat.  It was crazy!  Thank goodness for coolers filled with ice water and gatorade!  Anyways, the shows went great.  Maddi was the first to go.  She had five in her class showing.  Three of them were ladies that had the professionally bred horses and all that crap.  The other was Josie and she was driving Peanut.  Makenna had spent the summer training him so he did great.  Maddi ended up in fifth place but she didn't care.  It was only her second time to drive.  She did a great job and is excited to keep working with Sonyador and getting her ready for next year.

Michael was next up.  He drove a team of drafts in the men's division.  There were four in his class.  He got second.  He drove Bob and Denny. 

I was last up.  I drove in the women's class with two other women.  They have both been driving for years and that was only my second time to drive the team I had.  I have only driven a team maybe four times so it was all new to me.  I got third out of the three.  I drove Prince and William.  I had to drive in the big show wagon.  It is really high up and I was kind of nervous, but it was a lot of fun.  Maybe sometime I will have enough time that I can actually practice driving and learn more.  I really enjoy it. 

If you wonder why there are usually two people on the wagon it is for safety measures, especially when the kids are driving.  If the horses start acting crazy or it looks like there is going to be a wreck, then the person not driving can jump down off the wagon and get up to the horses heads to help get them back under control, or if help is needed with the reins they can help there too.  Like last night, there were several times that help was needed makingsome tight turns in the arena, so the other person (usually a more experienced driver) grabbed the reins to help.  It's good and I always feel more safe when Michael is up there with me.  Over all it was a good night.  We ended the night with a trip to Wendy's for supper (at 10pm).  Then home to our lovely air conditioned house and a nice warm bath!


Joyce Anne said...

Way to go...All of you. Proud, hugs and kisses.

Spencer and Kimberly said...

Nice job!