Saturday, August 21, 2010

Black Friday on Saturday Morning

The gym we belong to offers swim lessons for free with your gym memebership.  They do them four times a year.  The registration is on a Saturday morning at 7:30.  The slots fill up pretty fast so you have to get there early in order to get your kids in.  I'm at a disadvantage - I have 6 I have to try to get in.  So this morning I got up at 6:10 so I could get to the gym by 6:30.  It was extremely foggy outside and I missed my turn on the way there but I made it.  There were, however, many people who made it there before me.  It looked like the front of a store on Black Friday or a movie theater with one of those sell out movies.  People were in camp chairs lined up, they had books they were reading and coffee mugs to keep them awake and warm.  And pople kept coming.  They lined up down the sidewalk and out into the parking lot.  At 7am the gym opened so they let us in.  We filed down the hallway where we had to sign up and waited for another 30 minutes for them to get everything set up.  Then they started letting us in 10 at a time.  Once those ten had signed up for what they wanted and left the room, they let the next ten in.  It was very orderly and moved very quickly.  That's what set Swim Saturday apart from Black Friday, there was no pushing and shoving, no fighting and I don't think anyone got trampled.  No one had maps of the gym to see the fastest way to get to the sign up room.  There were no walkie talkies and casing out the joint.  There were schedules and lists for which classes you wanted, but no one parked their cars in a certain direction for a fast get away to the next thing.  It was kind of crazy though to see so many people out so early, waiting for so long, just to sign their kids up for swim lessons.  I waited for about 1 1/2 hours.  There were others who waited a lot longer.  I have expereinced Black Friday at Walmart voing never to do it again.  No deal is worth that!  I will however do this again, it was a much more pleasant experience and I got all the kids in at the times I wanted!  Yay me!

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Melissa said...

That's awesome! I was expecting you to say, nope, didn't happen. So that's great! I'm sure they'll have so much fun :)