Friday, August 6, 2010

A Big Few Days

This has been a busy week, but today and tomorrow will especially be busy.  Tomorrow is Achievement day for 4-H.  Makenna will be showing Peanut again in showmanship and driving.  Maddi will be showing Sadler in showmanship and hopefully driving Sonyador.  The little girl who usually drives her wants to drive the big drafts.  We'll see what happens.  I hope Maddi gets to because she has put a lot of time into practicing this week and the other little girl hasn't been to the barn at all since state.  Anyways, this morning the girls practiced while I took the little kids to do errands.  This afternoon we had some friends come over to play and then we headed up to the barn to wash horses.  We also helped load wagons and take them to the fair grounds.  I did a food run for supper.  Then we finished up at the barn and came home to wash ourselves and the kids.  Now it is off to bed and up again by 6am.  It will be a big day tomorrow so hopefully we'll get a good night sleep tonight!

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