Sunday, August 15, 2010

Backpack Fairy

Okay, I know I have been talking about this for a while now.  It is actually a big deal at our house.  My kids LOVE the Backpack Fairy.  She helps calm nerves and adds to the excitement of the day.  The first year she came, it was while the kids were at their first day of school.  When they got home, there on the table was a package from the Backpack Fairy.  This is what she wrote:

It’s time for school to start again
Our summer days have come to an end
With school comes friends and books to carry
And a special thing called the Backpack Fairy
She little and cute with wings of gold
Where she lives, no one’s ever been told
She has hair that shimmers in the sunlight
And in the dark she glows like a night light
She wears a little white dress with matching shoes
And she carries a backpack just like you
She comes to your house while you are away
And brings special prizes to celebrate your first day
So give your mom a kiss and a hug and sit down in your chair
The Backpack Fairy came here today and left lots of treats to share!

There was a package filled with afterschool treats and glitter all over the table.  The kids were so excited!  Then halfway through the school year we moved.  The kids were going to leave their beloved school and friends and start over at a new school.  Emotions were high and it was a tough time.  The Backpack Fairy decided that the kids might need an extra visit from her since they were having to go through all this change.  The morning of their first day at the new school, they woke to find that she had come and left more goodies.  She also got them each a new shirt to wear on their first day.  This is what she said:

I usually come just once a year to celebrate your day
But this year I have come again to encourage you on your way.
For I heard that you just moved and to a new school you’ll go
So I brought something special to each of you, just so you will know
That you will have a wonderful day attending this new school.
You’ll love your teacher and make lots of friends because you’re all so cool.
So open the bag, look inside, and then off to school you go
I’ll be back next year (and hopefully there won’t be snow!)

Have a great day!
Love, the Backpack Fairy

That helped ease their anxiety and add some excitement to their day.  Last year she came again.  This time she came during the night so when the kids woke up they found she had been there once again.  Their was glitter everywhere and they each had their own bag filled with their favorite treats.  She also, once again, left a note.

It’s that time of year again,
Summer is drawing near an end.
Today you start your first day of school,
New teachers, new friends, won’t that be cool?
So to help you as you go on your way
I’ve come to celebrate your special day.
The Backpack Fairy, that’s me alright!
I snuck in your house in the middle of the night
And left you each a special bag with treats
Because I think you’re all so neat!
So open them quick, and then get on your way!
You don’t want to be late on your very first day!
Put on your new clothes and comb your hair,
Then brush your teeth and say your prayer.
Now off to school and have no fear –
When you get home, Mom will be right here!
Then you can eat the treats I left for you
While you tell her all about your first day of school!

This year she'll come again.  She'll have some school supplies, treats and a few fun things.  The kids are already talking about her.  This is the note she will leave them this time:

Long summer days are slowing growing shorter,
Soon leaves will begin to change.
Time for backpacks and pencils and school bus rides.
Time for sweaters and frosty window panes.
New adventures await as the school year begins -
New teachers, new friends, new things to see.
But to start it all off with a great big bang
Is a visit from me - the Backpack Fairy!
That's right, it's that time of year again
I wouldn't forget a day like today!
I brought treats and goodies just for you
And well wishes for your big day.
So hurry along, don't be late!
Soon the school bus will arrive.
Get dressed, eat up, get your bag by the door,
Settle in and enjoy the drive.
Excitement awaits behind school doors
Where your mind will grow big and your body tall.
And waiting at home with a smile and a hug
Will be mommy wanting to hear about it all!
While you tell her all about your day,
All the fun and adventures you thought were so neat
Don't forget about the goodies I brought for you
Sit down, relax and have a treat!

Hope you have a great first day of school!
Love, the Backpack Fairy

They all still believe!  It is so much fun to do this with them and she always remembers the little kids who are not in school yet..  Simple things make the best memories.  It helps them get over their nerves and be excited.  One thing I have learned over the years from being a mom and not having much money is to make the everyday things fun.  I don't have the ability to go out and buy my kids all the things they want and wish for so I try to make the simple things big. They have to go to school, so why not make the first day a big, exciting day?  These little things grow into traditions that are loved and cherished and that the kids look forward to year after year.  It makes me feel good too.  I can't give them all I want, but I can do these things for them.  They will remember the Backpack Fairy far longer than they will remember the toy I got them from the store.