Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School FHE

Every year, on the Monday before the first day of school, we do a back to school lesson for Family Home Evening with the kids.  I usually write a silly poem:

Park your bikes in the garage, pick up all your toys
Put away your swimming suits, come on girls and boys!
School's about to start again, your first day is coming fast!
Gather up your school supplies, it's gonna be a blast.
Write your name on all your stuff with a black Sharpie pen
Lay out clothes, grab a snack, let the school routine begin!
Hurry up, go take a bath, now it's earlier to bed and even earlier to rise
You don't want to have a tired body and sleepy little eyes.
Your teachers and your friends await, it's been so long it seems,
Since you were all together running, playing, learning things.
So sharpen up your pencils, tie your shoes, be on your way!
Have a super, duper good time and enjoy your first school day!

And then we talk about things that they might be nervous about or things they are excited about.  We talk about our school routines and what will be expected there.  We also talk about being a good example to others, being kind and helpful and trying to be like Jesus.  We try to help them understand how they can live Jesus' example with those they meet at school.  We talk about choices they will face and how to make good choices and not bad.  We talk about the consequences, good and bad, that come from the choices we make.  We help them understand that we are there to help them and if they ever need anything or have any questions or doubts about things, they can come to us.  We end the evening with treats, of course!  Their favorite treat is making school busses out of twinkies and other candies.  This year we were busy and I was lazy so we bought the pilsbury school bus refrigerated cookies and had those.  The kids still enjoyed them.  They will of course face challenges out there in their elementary school world, but hopefully they will be able to remember the things that they have been taught and know where to go when they need help and direction.  Have a great school year kids!

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