Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another First

Yesterday was Zeke's first day of preschool.  He was very excited!  He seemed to have a good time.  He said he didn't learn anything.  He also said he didn't get breakfast.  Upon inquiring this morning I found out he did get breakfast!  He also said they were going to get to play outside for two minutes but it started sprinkling so they only got to play outside for one minute.  Today they got to play out longer he told me.  He got to brush his teeth with a yellow tooth brush.  He got to water color and that's about all he could come up with for the day.  Today he said his shoes accidentally fell off.  He said some boy, his name was Michael, stepped on his shoe lace and it came untied.  Then some boy, whose name was Michael, stepped on his other shoe lace and it came untied.  Then he was walking and he looked down and no shoes!  Crazy huh?  The minds of four year olds!  Anyways, he's having fun so far.  Olivia and I spend our morning at the gym and at home together.  Hopefully we will find fun things for just the two of us to do together.

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