Monday, August 9, 2010

Achievement Days

Saturday we had Achievement Days for 4-H.  It was a really hot, busy day but a good one.  We were all at the fair grounds by 8am.  The little kids immediately found some dirt that they could play in with their cars and tractors.  The day started with showmanship.  Makenna showed Peanut, the same horse she used for the other shows. 

Maddi showed Sadler. 

It was the first time for both Maddi and Sadler.  Maddi was nervous and Sadler wasn't sure what was going on.  He didn't do too great, but Maddi did everything right.  When he got out of line (which was often), she turned him around and put him back where he was supposed to be.  Peanut sat there like a champ and did what he knew he was supposed to do.  Maddi got a red ribbon which brought tears to her eyes (in fact she started crying in the arena and Michael had to go out and help her).  Part of the tears came from frustration with Sadler, part came from disappointment.  She settled down quickly though. 

 Makenna got a blue ribbon and Reserve Grand Champion.  She was very excited.  Her prize was a duffle bag.  After that we had a few hours before they had to drive so we waited around in the hot sun drinking water and getting the horses ready to drive.  Maddi drove Sonyador.  She belongs to some friends and has been driving for several years.  Maddi started working with her on Monday so they were still getting to know each other but they did good together.  Maddi got a purple ribbon and Reserve Grand Champion.  She was so excited!  That made up for the red ribbon earlier.  She also got a duffle bag. 

Makenna drove Peanut.  They did awesome too.  Makenna got a purple ribbon and Grand Champion.  Her prize was a camp chair.  She picked a yellow one. 

The other kids from the ranch also did good.  We walked away with ribbons of all colors and several other Reserve Champions and Grand Champions.  It was all done by 2:30 so we loaded up and went to Godfather's Pizza for lunch.  Then home to shower and sit in the air condidtioned house!  That night I got the girls a cake to celebrate their day.

 We are so proud of them and their hard work.  They are proud of themselves too.  Maddi will show again for the county fair on Wednesday and then we will be done until next summer!

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

Congrats to them both! That's awesome!!!