Saturday, July 24, 2010

Riding the Wild Bronc

This morning we woke up and realized that for the first time in a long time we had a free morning - nothing on the agenda (at least not until 1pm).  So we decided to ride our wild bronc, Sadler.  Zane has been waiting for this since we got him at the beginning of the month so he was first in line to ride.  By the time Zane finished with him he was a gentle little pony giving rides to everyone!  (In all actuality, he never flinched when he got the saddle put on him for the first time, never flinched when Zane crawled on his back, and very calmly responded to the smooching, kicking and pulling on the reins.)  He's going to be a great pony for the kids.  Here are some pictures of our wild bronc riding...

Brushing him and getting him ready to saddle

First time with a saddle on

Zane getting ready to mount Sadler

Off he goes!  Look at him buck and jump!  Hang on Cowboy!!

Susie riding the wild bronc

Lala practicing to be rodeo princess

Makenna taking the reins

Zeke had a hard time seeing out from under his big hat but he rode too

Maddi wouldn't ride, but she took the lead rope and worked on her showmanship for acheivement days.

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