Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Party of Thirty...Nine?

Last night we had the fun privilage to have a family of 31 come spend the evening with us.  They were friends of my family when we were growing up in Brookings.  Some of them I haven't seen in many, many years, some we have spent several Christmas Eves with since we have been back in the area.  It was great!  There were 24 kids running around the place (mine included) and loving every minute of it.  Michael got out the wagons and horses and gave rides.  Then we all had hotdogs, chips, brownies and ice cream and played a few rousing games of bean bag toss.  It was a great time with very good friends.  I'm so glad we were able to reconnect after so many years and catch up on our lives.  I met this family when I moved to Brookings the summer before my 5th grade year.  They were the first people in the driveway to help us unload the truck.  They took all of us kids to the pool to swim while the adults hauled all of our things into the house.  We spent many evenings through out the years together and had a lot of fun adventures.  It was fun to reminisce and to see how we have all changed.  Sorry, no pictures, but I'm sure you can imagine the scene!

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